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Layered Jar Salad Recipe

Serves: 2
Preparation time: 6-8 minutes
Cooking time: none


  • 1 bag fresh&naked Spinach 125g, washed and drained
    1 bag fresh&naked Wild Rocket 60g, washed and drained
    1 stick celery, sliced
    1 red salad onion, finely sliced  (or use ½ a  medium red onion)
    2 wholemeal tortilla wraps  (usually 8 to a pack)
    100g fresh or frozen baby broad beans (defrosted if frozen)
    150 – 180g slices ready cooked turkey breast meat
    50g whole almonds, toasted and roughly chopped

    for the dressing:
    juice of ½ lemon
    1 tablespoon low fat yoghurt
    1 tablespoon low fat mayonnaise
    Sea salt & fresh ground black pepper


  1. Whisk the lemon zest and juice with the yoghurt and season to taste.
  2. Mix a large handful each of rocket and spinach.
  3. Lay the tortilla wraps on a board and scatter the salad leaves over the middle in a rough rectangle, leaving a few inches of wrap clear to left and right.  Layer the other ingredients on top, and drizzle with the dressing (don’t overdo it or the wrap will be too soggy).  Top with some more leaves.
  4. Fold the left and right edges well over each other (and the contents) and pat gently to help the fold set.
  5. Cut the wrap in two and pinch the cut ends to stop the filling from escaping (you can also wrap in foil or greaseproof paper ).


If you haven’t tried this before, it’s best to be cautious with the filling quantities to start with, as a bursting wrap can be messy to eat!

We prefer this ‘single wrap’ method  which  gives a longer roll to eat and means you get more filling and less of the floury wrap. If you would prefer a ‘closed’ wrap, then fold East/West first, then North/South to make a rectangular parcel, and cut diagonally across.


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